I have always been fascinated by everything related to handcrafted goods.  The idea of ​​the club came some years back, while realising that we have so much to give back to our continent however the lack of resources meant that the idea could not come alive earlier.

I wanted to create a studio for craftswomen/men and creative’s, for all those with various projects but are unable to make them come to light either due to lack of funds, confidence or both.

  • A creative environment with the sole purpose of bringing together diverse creative’s, ideas, skills working collaboratively to bring about the birth of unique artistic pieces.
  • A work environment where ideas can be exchanged in order to produce quality artistic products.
  • A stimulating and innovative environment where creativity is encouraged and nurtured and continuous   professional development of techniques the norm.
  • A studio that facilitates integration and social fulfilment, mentor amateurs and train the next generation.
  • A studio that works to enhance the socio-economic welfare of the creative’s, providing them with income, professional growth and creative independence to realise their dreams.

As an artist designer, I am able to lend my savoir faire to the creative’s., let’s not forget that design should be a means to revitalize craft creations and strengthens its identity.